Clothing from Italy LLC


49 Bromfield Street 
Boston MA 02108



Clothing from Italy fosters the opportunity to work with sales professionals to enrich their opportunity to enter a wonderful and dynamic market. 


Clothing from Italy created a wonderful system where you have the opportunity to create your own business with us, work from home, or see your clients and create a profitable business for yourself. 


Our primary market is the Weddings market. We are seeking enterpreneurs that would like to enter and work in this never ending and fascinating market. The average spending in this area is quite high and by partnering with us you will be able to earn superior earnings.  


You will be partnering with us and create value for yourself. We will take care of all the operative issues and make sure that you remain succesful. We passed more than 10 years to streamline our system and would like to ensure that you will make your success wth us. 


Contact us to have more information and we will be happy to train you and set you up for a new and wonderful expericnce.