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Once a garment is delivered we review with you via video conference to make sure that the garment fits perfectly,. 


Of course you can come and visit us in our Boston location. 


If the the fit is not perfect we will pick up the garment via mail at no additional cost and we will ship to you in 24 hours. 

Clothing from Italy has developed a special technique that allows for a quick and precise way of taking your measures. 


We have tested our system for a long period of time. 


We have served more than one thousand  happy customers.


Video fit is a new and revolutionary way of taking measures. 

At clothing from Italy we find it very useful


- When organizing a weddings to measure for groomsmen that live in different areas of the nation 


- When reviewing cloth colors and textures.


- When you would like to view our offering from the comfort of your computer

Through video conference we can review together jackets, suits, or tuxedos models and decide together on your preferred color 

We can take your  Groomsmen measures

in Video Conference 


  • To request a viedo fitting session just click on this button or call us at 617-426-7801
  • Once we set the appointment we will contact you and drive you through the process. 
  • Please be aware that we utilize a personal video conference service so that we do not use you personal accounts.

Step 4

Let's review the finished garment

Step 2

Let's review colors and models

Step 3

Let's measure together

Step 1 

Let's connect via video conference 

Our tuxedo rental 

program guarantees that your groomsmen will look impeccable and that they will be waring Made in Italy high end tuxedos.  

rent tuxedos for your groomsman

Clothing from Italy 

Our specialized services bases it's roots in ancient tailoring techniques. 

Our groomsmen attire is strictly designed in Italy



Our ready to wear

program includes more than 5,000 different options designed with our our groom in mind but also with the understanding that a nice wedding suit might be used for other occasions.

a ready to wear suit for the groom

Add a little taste of Italy to your special day


Choose a custom made suit

Our custom

program guarantees that fabricsstyles, and colors are in tune with your desires. Clothing from Italy top lines of custom made suits are made in Italy and bring the Neapolitan school of tailoring tradition to Boston.



Keep your tuxedo for 10 days

No rush to bring back the tuxedo. 


You can keep it for 10 days from the rental day. 



Discount on suits and rental packages 

If you choose instead a combination of tuxedo rental and suits we will work with you to offer a great discount on your suit. 

Video Conference Fittings

If you have groomsmen living in another cities no worries.


At Clothing from Italy we are experts at taking measures via video conference . 

Wedding packages and solutions

If you decide to rent only

If you decide to rent for the groom and the groomsmen we have a range of discount options,.


On parties of 5 to 7 you will receive a discount that you will be able to take for yourself or distribute to the groomsmen.


On parties of 7 or more the groom will be able to keep his tuxedo.