Clothing from Italy offers a full range of tailoring services. 


Our tailors will construct, alter, repair or modify garments based on your specifications, needs and preferences. 


Our tailors will take your measures, assist in fabric selection, and arrange fittings to determine whether additional adjusments are needed. 


Our tailors will restyle old or outdated garments based on your specifications, swe zippers, buttons. hooks and eyes.,or snapp fasteners onto your garment as needed 

Our tailors are detailed oriented and knowladgable of clothing design and construction. 


When in our venue you will experience the followings: 


- Discuss design, alteration, or repair requirments 

- Our tailors will record your measurements, instructions and preferences. 

- Request and obtain a modification of your garment based on your instructions which includes tapering pant legs, lining sheer garments, removing pockets or adding padding. 

- Our work will center on altering your garment to imnprove comfot and fit, which includes shortening sleeves or straps, narrowing lapels, as well as taking in or letting out seams. 

- Other services include repairing suits based which includes patchinbg or sewing tears and holes 

- Our company also specializes in constructing garnebts for customers based on their unique design ideas, specifications, and preferences. 


Clothing from Italy Tailoring Services 

Clothing from Italy provides unparallel tailoring services ensuring personalized fit. Clothing from Italy cathers to both men and brides providing a diverse range of attire for special occasions.