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Custom Made
Custom made suits. Delivery time: 3-5 weeks Measures: 1) You can visit our store, 2) We can connect via Skype or Facetime,
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Dear customer your can either book an apopintment with us or you can select a product and connect with us via Skype or via Face Time. We are available for you any time.
Custom made suits can be manufactured for you either in three weeks or in 5 weeks depending on the material and the manufacturer that you will choose 
Custom Made
Since 1890
Once the suit is ready and properly pressed the customer can come for that awaited final fitting. If he now thinks the suit is right and expresses his satisfaction then the job is done. Now our customer can go home and enjoy his new suit. 
As a rule it takes three fittings before the suit can be made up. But this is only in the first occasion. Usually however our company utilizes technologies that allow for one to two fittings. During this process our tailors make sure that the suit fits perfectly to the body. Our tailors will make the final alterations in one week.   
Sewing up the separate parts of the jacket, trousers and vest is the job of the coat maker, trouser maker and wescoast maker. This team baste the pieces for suit together for the first fitting. 
After taking measures, the cutter, draws the shape of the pants and of the jacket. He uses a cleverly devised calculating system and the instinct he has developed over the years. The cutting is the architectural plan of the suit. 
Measuring up is a fascinating moment, an almost holy ritual in all kinds of custom tailoring.
New technologies allow to transfer measures to our tailors instantanously.  
We stock a great range of fabrics. The word "wool" alone is inadequate to describe the variety on offer. Our cloth manufacturers include Zegna, Ducotex, Cerruti, and Vitale Barberis Canonico

Our custom program guarantees that fabrics, styles, and colors are in tune with your desires. Clothing from Italy top lines of custom made suits are made in Italy and brings the Neapolitan school of tailoring tradition to Boston. Our suits are then finished them in the US.  

Clothing from Italy offers also a second line of more affordable suits that are not Made in Italy but that are created with an Italian design in mind and were we utilize mainly fabrics Made in Italy.